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Bocandy is a subscription box to international candy. They don't just ship you random candies with stamps on the wrappers; they hand pick the best candies and snacks from around the world and ship them to you.

Bocandy offers the following box types:

  • Starter Box: 5 to 7 delicious snacks from all around the world- both US and abroad! This box is the starter kit to the Bocandy family! This is a great way to discover new flavors! Retail value of $17.50.
  • Asian Candy Box: Will include snacks from Japan, South Korea, and other Asian countries. Will sometimes include a beverage. Great for the summer months! Retail value of $35.
  • Bocandy Big Snack Box: A delicious discovery of both hard-to-find imported and speciality candies, snacks, and beverages. Beverages don't ship every month but, when they do, you are in for a treat! Retail value of $30.
Monthly Cost - 1-Month Plan: 
$9.99 (Starter) or $21.00 (Asian or Big Snack) plus shipping per month
Monthly Cost - 3-Month Plan: 
$9.83 (Starter), $20.33 (Asian), or $20.67 (Big Snack) plus shipping per month
Monthly Cost - 6-Month Plan: 
$9.75 (Starter), $20.17 (Asian), or $20.00 (Big Snack) plus shipping per month
Monthly Cost - Annual Plan: 
$9.58 (Starter), $20.00 (Asian), or $19.58 (Big Snack) plus shipping per month
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October 5, 2016
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