Box Basics

  • What is a subscription box?

A subscription box is a package of goodies that is sent to customers on a routine basis. Each box usually specializes in providing a certain type of items, which is defined on Monthly Box Hub as the box’s Category. For example, Birchbox is categorized in the Beauty category because they send beauty products to their customers. Although subscription box services will specify their category and may also reveal a monthly theme, they usually keep the individual items in each box a secret until after all boxes have been delivered. Customers therefore don’t know what items they will receive until they open their box.

  • Why would I buy a subscription box?

There are multiple reasons that people buy subscription boxes. For one, because subscription box services buy their products in bulk, they are able to provide their products at a lower price than what an individual would be likely to pay. The total value of the items in each box thus commonly exceeds the price the customer paid, which provides an incentive for people to buy boxes. Subscription boxes can also be fun to purchase because of the element of surprise in regards to the items that will be received; it’s like receiving a present every time you open one.

Site Background

  • Who runs Monthly Box Hub?

Monthly Box Hub was created by a woman named Kayley. She created the site from scratch using the Drupal system and keeps the directory of boxes and unboxings maintained. Any contact forms are sent directly to her.

  • Why was Monthly Box Hub created?

When looking for new boxes to purchase, it can be frustrating for people to scour through the offerings of an increasingly expanding market. As of Monthly Box Hub’s inception, there was no single source to reference for boxes that invited community participation. Many blogs and websites existed for which the owners posted their own box lists and reviews, but in a market with thousands of boxes and billions of dollars in revenue, it was about time that a resource became available that enabled a large group of people to provide feedback on the available boxes. Monthly Box Hub was created as a place where multiple people could contribute their own unboxings and reviews rather than relying on the opinions of an individual.

  • How many boxes are listed on Monthly Box Hub?

As of October 2015, there are over 300 boxes listed on Monthly Box Hub. This box is meant to expand over time and Monthly Box Hub is always happy to add new boxes to our directory.

  • Where are the quarterly/seasonal boxes?

For the time being, Monthly Box Hub is restricted to boxes that are delivered on a monthly basis. In the future, it may open up to boxes on other timelines, but there are no immediate plans for this inclusion.

Site Features

  • What is an Ambassador?

A monthly Box Hub Ambassador is an individual or group chosen to represent Monthly Box Hub to the greater online community. Ambassadors are chosen based on merit and site need. Individuals and groups chosen to be Ambassadors have routinely demonstrated their commitment to the subscription box industry and are known for producing high-quality unboxings and reviews. More information about our current Ambassadors and the process to become an Ambassador is included on our Ambassadors page.

  • How do you choose the Featured Unboxing?

The Featured Unboxing is chosen at the discretion of the admin, but is based heavily on the amount of social media shares for an Unboxing.

  • What is the difference between a review and an Unboxing?

In the greater blogging community, reviews and unboxings are typically used interchangeably. For the purposes of Monthly Box Hub, they are separate. Unboxings refer to posts that detail the items included in a particular subscription box. These posts may pass judgments on the box’s contents, but don’t include star ratings of the box. Conversely, reviews are posted on the master page for each box and provide feedback for the box as a whole.

  • How can I rate a subscription box?

To rate a subscription box, go to its master page and post a review. You will be able to include a star rating with your review.

  • Does the site admin accept boxes for review?

The admin accepts boxes for reviews, which she will post as Unboxings. When companies provide free boxes for reviews, the admin will disclose the arrangement in the post. If this disclosure is not included, the reader can assume the admin paid for the box herself. The admin is also happy to host box giveaways on behalf of subscription box companies. Companies that want to provide boxes for review or giveaways can use the standard contact form to send their requests.