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Monthly Box Hub was created as a community for subscription box enthusiasts. The website contains a directory of boxes that users can rate and review based on their experiences with each box. In addition, users are encouraged to post their unboxing videos and writeups to help other community members decide which boxes are right for them. Box-seekers get the benefit of learning more about the boxes they want to purchase, while users posting reviews and unboxings gain more exposure for their personal websites and referral information.

Featured Unboxing - May

April 2016 Sweet Organic Box

This month I'm featuring a review of the Sweet Organic Box. The box is a bit more expensive than comparable subscriptions, but they try to make up for it with the experience. For example, they shipped their April box (the one reviews) a week early, so it would arrive in March ahead of the Easter holiday. They also included a special surprise in the box that made it even more fitting for the holiday - check out the review to see how they went above and beyond and to find a coupon code for $15 off your first month.